Better software creates better results.Fields and Crops Manager Software

ACS Crop Consultants and Planners use our propriety software, Fields & Crops Advisor. This program is designed to create optimum recommendations that take into account historical and projected cropping practices on each field, for each crop. Our recommendations engine is continually updated using current research and our accumulated experience on each farm, as well as our accumulated experience on hundreds of thousands of acres each year.

We have always managed on a subfield basis.

Our system is built to manage crops on a subfield basis either with traditional management methodology, or with newer variable rate technology, allowing for subfield soil sampling and the smooth creation and presentation of variable-rate nutrient prescriptions.

Smooth interface with farm software means greater flexibility and no redundancy.

Fields & Crops Advisor interfaces directly with the on-farm program Fields & Crops Manager. ACS Consultants and Planners can use information the farm entered, or send information they have entered to the farm version. Consultant Recommendations can be viewed in the farm software, and regulated farms can use the real time “Manure Spreading Work Order” program that calculates manure application maximums per field and section based on the current products, application method and timing, and previous applications.

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Setting Up Your Fields and Crops Connection

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