Precision Agriculture

“Precision agriculture is the practice of using remote sensing, soil sampling and information management tools to improve production. Precision agriculture often involves using geospatial data to maximize outputs. It also helps to manage inputs and reduce chemical applications.”

Using advanced technology to plant, fertilize and harvest crops is one of the fastest growing areas in agriculture today. It is driven by the natural evolution of technology and by the daunting task of feeding 7 billion people. ACS, with technology partner, Agrinetix is proud to be on the cutting edge of the newest technology. Our staff remains committed to helping clients make the best decisions about the next steps to take with their farm operation, and how best to use the data that the technology provides.

Crop Technology Assessment (CTA)

Precision AgricultureA CTA provides an assessment of your farm’s current precision agriculture capabilities. It will help you identify future strategies, and in the end will provide you with an action plan and greater confidence that the decisions you make today will be the right ones for tomorrow.

Recommendations for services such as yield analysis, electroconductivity (EC) mapping, pH mapping, and variable rate (VR) technology can be made based on the information gathered during your crop technology assessment. Recommendations for software and hardware purchases are also part of a CTA.

These assessments are performed jointly with you, your farm management team, an ACS consultant and a Precision Ag Consultant working through ACS’s sister company, Agrinetix.

Variable Rate (VR) Fertility Manager

Through this service, we have the capability to provide quick, convenient, and affordable electronic prescriptions for fertilizer or manure to any farm. A Service Manager can base farm field prescriptions from subfield soil sample data, grid sample data, or yield maps.

Variable-Rate (VR) Seed Manager

This service serves to optimize seeding rates and plan populations using EC management zones, yield maps, or soil survey maps. Prescriptions are then provided in paper map format and electronically to the farm.
Agrinetix is capable of inexpensively retrofitting your conventional planters to convert them to variable rate planters. Agrinetix sells and services these systems.

Yield Summary and Analysis

Yield maps are said to be “the single most valuable dataset available to growers and their consultants.”  Agrinetix has the industry’s most advanced capabilities to retrieve, store, analyze, interpret, and present yield data.

Services range from basic, such as data extraction from a GPS-equipped yield monitor to be organized according to the most valuable information, including harvest yield by variety, harvest yield by field, harvest efficiency, and harvest downtime; to the most advanced services, including multi-variant comparisons of data to other comparable farms. We can help answer the questions that will hone a farm’s input purchase decisions. For example, “What varieties yielded the best on other comparable farm fields?” or, “What is the optimum pH or soil type for BMR corn?”
Analyzed data can be reported electronically, in tabular format, maps, or in wall-size posters.

Competitively Priced Precision Ag Equipment

Agrinetix is a full-line provider of many of the most popular brands of Precision Ag equipment, including Precision Planting, Raven, Trimble, AgLeader, Leica, EGPS, AGPS, and more. Have the equipment installed, or install it yourself with Agrinetix support.

Precision Ag Equipment Setup, Maintenance, and Service

Agrinetix sells, installs, and supports Precision Ag equipment on farms. This service is applicable to all brands and products of Agrinetix and any competitor. Agrinetix is the leading expert in Precision Ag technology. 

Data Acquisition and Smart Information Management

In order to use the data gathered by planting, yield, and spraying monitors, tiling and land-leveling software for the yield benefit of a farm and its agronomy program, Agrinetix consultants will export, process, and analyze a farm’s data into tangible products that help the farm make strategic agro­nomic decisions.
ACS consultants, working with Agrinetix Advisors, will create VR prescriptions, field maps, and yield data reports for use in tailoring the farm’s agronomic program to achieve higher yields. Consultants will teach farms how to extract and utilize data for their benefit and will help upload prescriptions or other data into their planting, yield, or navigation monitor for tracking purposes.