Soil Sampling

Soil SamplingGood decisions start with good data. Good fertility and nutrient management data starts with taking good samples.

Our soil sampling service consists of a full time team of Field Service Technicians who take over 15,000 samples a year on over 150,000 acres. In addition, they are responsible for the necessary field work associated with Electroconductivity (EC) mapping, grid sampling, GPS boundary mapping and tile line mapping.

To assure that our field work is performed consistently and to the standards necessary for our work, we have developed an internal technician certification program. All new technicians are trained the same way and must pass the certification process which includes actual field work as well as testing their aptitude for running equipment.

Whether you are sampling to stay in compliance with your state regulatory agency, sampling as part of a government funded program or sampling because you want to improve the fertility on your farm, we have a professional team who can do it quickly and accurately. Here is a link to our ACS soil sampling video.